20 Jan – 17 days in…

I am still going really well. I have started using mapmywalk.com again.

I am losing weight well, maybe too fast but I still think that will settle down.

I have got the material for the Get Healthy program. And I am reading it and learning stuff. And what I am doing is not what the books reccomend. What I am doing is much more the csiro diet than I realised. But as I lose weight and drop points it is the protein serves that I will drop from my diet, not others. And that will then bring what I am eating in line with the get healthy guidelines. And there is a journal for me to use and put my goals in. I am going to do it because I want to use every advantage I have to get me going and keep on track.

I need to think about incidental movement.

And my dinner options list worked just like it should! I was pleased I put in the work. I am really happy with that.

I took my bust, waist hip measurements this morning. I will just jot them here so they are down.
waist 55″”, bust is that -3″” and hips are that +1.5″”. I used some string to measure and just checked it against my craft mat.


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