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Week 4 weigh in

End of Week Stats

Weight: 132.4kg (291.3lbs)
Lost this week 1.4kg (3.1lbs)
Total lost 8.5kg (18.7lbs)
% start weight lost 6%

In this past week I went walking 5 times (one was a 20 minute walk at lunch, 2x 45 minute walks and 2×70 minute walks).
I tracked all the food I ate this week and I kept to the plan; staying within my allowance and eating healthy food.

Mentally this week was alot harder. It is the fourth week of this lifestyle change and somewhere along the way I realised I am going to be doing this forever. I just have so much to lose to get to a healthy weight range. It seems too hard, too far, I was looking at the numbers this morning and ideally I need to lose half my starting weight. I find it really depressing and it makes me feel unattractive and worse, undesireable. But even with this mental struggle in the week past I stuck to my exercise plan and I stuck to my food plan and I lost weight. And I lost a good amount of weight. For four weeks I have met my food goals and exercise goals and really focussed and I have succeeded. And I just want to shout out “”I am Excellent!!!””

It is the little choices I make every day. I need to remember that my battle is not with the full amount now. It is the choice I made this morning to go walking before work. It was the choice to weigh my breakfast cereal, the grapes that went on it and measure the milk. It is the choice to have salad and tuna for lunch. It is the choice to enter the food in my tracker. It is the choice to prepare a healthy meal for dinner even when it is hot and I think it doesn’t matter because I have so far to go so I might as well give up now. No. I will not chose to give up now. Damn it. This is my life, my health, my future and I will not give that away. I will not give up in the heat. I will not give up because the road is long and I can’t see the end. I don’t need to see the end now. Now, right now, at this time, all I need to do is make a good choice.

Ooh – I just got really angry about this and it felt really good! It made me feel powerful; so strong and determined 🙂

This coming week’s challenges include the weather. They are predicting a week of above 30’C. And for the next 3 days above 35’C (100’F). It is hard want to exercise in the heat. And hard to plan and be organised because the heat makes me grumpy and tired. Ways of getting around this are having meals in the freezer that I can just re-heat. I don’t quite have enough for the whole week but I can get through till Thursday. I also have a brunch date with some girlfriends on Sunday. I already have the menu for the cafe and just need to pre-order so that I chose is what I get on the day (rather than being distracted by the menu when I get there). And the mental challenge. It creeps in every day and I need to be on guard against it.

This weeks goals:
– walk 3 times during the week and once on the weekend, despite the weather
– track all my food except for Sunday brunch. Choose a healthy brunch option for Sunday
– keep to the food plan, stay within my daily allowance

The end of today marks 4 weeks completed

Yay!!! 4 Weeks!!! I am looking forward to my weighin tomorrow morning. It is not going to be a huge loss – maybe only .5kg but it still should be a loss. I am 10% of my way to my 40 weeks.

This past week has been the hardest so far. I feel fat and unattractive, partly because I am paying attention to it. And it has been hot and I really don’t like the heat. It is harder to be organised for lunches and dinner, harder to go walking. Just harder. I get grumpy and tired and stressed. And I am realising that watching what I eat and exercising is for the rest of my life and I find that a little depressing. But I got through this past week, with the heat and feeling less motivated and I will get through next week which is going to be just as hot but for more days in a row.

In the past 4 weeks I have:
– stuck to my exercise plan. The first week I went walking 3 times. The middle two weeks 4 times and this past week 5. The fifth one this week was a 20 minute walk during my lunch break so it wasn’t much but what it did do was inspire me to set up lunch time walks on Tues and Thurs with a friend once we get to March. It is too hot just now. I have also sorted out when I am walking on weekends. My man will be back at dog training on Sundays starting next week so I have committed to walking then. If there is a walk with the whole fam on Saturday that is a bonus.

– stuck to my food plan. Going into the third week I dropped a point but that has been ok. I have tried new recipes, mostly ones from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. This week I have eaten the most – using 9 of my 21 activity points which is why I think that I won’t have a big loss this week. But I will still be under my points for 3 days this week (including today) and on one day I was right on the points amount so even with the extra points it is only 3 days we are talking about. And I have tracked my food everyday for 4 weeks. I have not eaten anything that I did not write down (except for that one meal when we went to visit my cousin and had the tasting plate for lunch). I have not eaten any of my little boy’s food. I have not had any alcohol. I have had chocolate but not that much and it was always tracked. No cake and no biscuits (except the diet ones). And I have started letting my man cook again, not much but I am trusting him for one or two meals a week.

I have adjusted my excel spreadsheet to show % of start lost and % to goal. These are some good calculations that I saw on DietGirls* calculator. I have already lost 5% of my start weight and that was last week. As I said up the top, I am looking forward to weighin tomorrow to see where I am now.

I am not feeling it in my clothes yet. But I am starting to rifle through my size 22 suitcase to see what is there. The stretchy stuff fits. I am not feeling any fitter yet but I am enjoying the exercise. And I know that people won’t really start to notice for another one or two months. And I want the encouragement now. The next couple of weeks will be hard with the heat and the mental challenges.

But I am proud of the past 28 days. I am proud of the choices I have made in relation to food and exercise. It is easy when you are in the zone, that mental state where nothing gets in the way of the end goal. It is harder when I have to struggle to make those good choices. This week has been a struggle but I remember that it is about the little choices every day. I don’t need to make tomorrow’s call today, or even the one for this afternoon. If I make a good choice now, that will help me get to my goal.

*Love, love, Dietgirl! Go and check her out at

End of Week 3

And I rock 🙂

Yesterday was my challenging day. We went on a day trip to sydney to my sister’s place. And food wise things worked out – even with me not preparing 2 meals.

I had food for the trip and my two light breakfasts for the road. And then we had hamburgers for lunch and my sister made them and has this little pattie press and so I knew how much mine weighed. And there was cake. I wasn’t expecting the cake. It was served with peaches and raspberries so I was ok there. And I had two small forks of cake. It was really nice. But you know, I didn’t want it. I had not planned for it and I could not bring myself to have anymore. It was an interesting experience. Morning tea and afternoon tea I had apple bars. And dinner was pasta with tuna. I don’t know the exact amounts of what I had but I can guess based on what I have been doing the last three weeks. Adding all the points up I came in right on target. Not even part of a point over. That was amazing.

I chatted with my sis and brother in law with what I was doing and I found that conversation stressful. It got me down in fact. My sis has lost so much weight that I find it demotivating. And talking numbers is something I have always hated. It was good though to share some tips with each other. She is doing so much exercise but not really focussed on the eating part. And that was interesting.

Today I did alot of stuff. My man is not here and it was on the go all the time. I took the pup for a walk with the pram and that was not fun. I need to remember that the walk needs to be different when I take the dog. I am tired now. And I am happy that I am at the end of the week.

I had my first chat with the Get Healthy coach Michelle on friday and that was good. I am really pleased that I signed up for it. It is one more way I can be accountable. And looking through the material has made me think about incidental movment. And also on friday i bought a csiro diet cookbook and I am going to enjoy looking at that.

This fortnight is going to be hard financially. I hope that I don’t have to make too many food compromises because of that.

20 Jan – 17 days in…

I am still going really well. I have started using again.

I am losing weight well, maybe too fast but I still think that will settle down.

I have got the material for the Get Healthy program. And I am reading it and learning stuff. And what I am doing is not what the books reccomend. What I am doing is much more the csiro diet than I realised. But as I lose weight and drop points it is the protein serves that I will drop from my diet, not others. And that will then bring what I am eating in line with the get healthy guidelines. And there is a journal for me to use and put my goals in. I am going to do it because I want to use every advantage I have to get me going and keep on track.

I need to think about incidental movement.

And my dinner options list worked just like it should! I was pleased I put in the work. I am really happy with that.

I took my bust, waist hip measurements this morning. I will just jot them here so they are down.
waist 55″”, bust is that -3″” and hips are that +1.5″”. I used some string to measure and just checked it against my craft mat.

Week 2 Stats

Yay for Week 2!
In week 2 I:
went walking on 4 days in the week (which was my goal)
tracked for all meals (except for Saturday lunch where I was out)

I weighed in this morning at 135.8kg (299lbs) with a loss of 1.2kg (2.6lbs). That is a total of 5.1 kg lost (11.2lbs).

Notables of this week past: diarrhoea (incredibly stressful situation) followed by constipation as my digestive system adjusted. Getting my period which was the worst one for a while because of stopping breastfeeding at the beginning of the year. Taking dinner and some snacks to a regular games night which meant that I was in control of my food and stuck to my plan. Talking to a health coach from the Get Healthy program and being honest with him about my weight. Man it is hard to do.

This week’s challenge is a day trip to visit my sister almost 3 hours away. The morning drive I will want to have breakfast on the run. And on the drive home in the night I will want to have sugar and caffeine to keep me going. I need to think about how to plan this trip. Not worried about food at my sister’s place with her own success at getting fit and healthy.

This week’s goals: walk on 4 days and lose 1 kg (2.2lbs).

Action items: take my bust-waist-hip measurements so that I can keep track of those as well.

Week 1 Success!!

This morning I weighed in at 137.0 kg (301.4 lbs).
That is a loss of 3.9kg (8.6 lbs).
Yeah Baby!!!
Last week I stuck to the plan every day. I exercised 3 times in the week and only used 3 of the 18 activity points I earnt.
I had 3 or 4 social occasions where I stuck to my plan.
I developed my dinner menu safety net. I contacted the Get Healthy campaign. I cooked healthy dinners. I worked on my anchor. I made it work.
This morning I woke up and went for a walk before going to work. I took all my food to work and that was enough for the day.
Week 1 was a success 🙂
Yay for me! I am excellent 🙂

Four days in

I feel good, it is easy as long as I have control. Exercise on 2 days. Have tracked for 4 days and have stayed within points. Am sleeping reasonably well. I am tired, though. I got on the scales this morning and have lost over 2kg. I had thought I was retaining water so I am not that surprised.

I have one point left today. I don’t know how to spend it. I could have a chocolate. I have 10 activity points after exercise that I have not spent. So, I could have a milo. Or I could just leave it alone. I am not hungry so I think I will leave it.

I have set up a list of dinner options in my phone and recipes so that if I don’t know what to have I have 20 odd options which I can look to. There are recipes for slow cooking and recipes for fast cooking. Recipes for low points and some that are a little higher in points. But the point is I should not be caught out with no ideas and resort to bad choices.

I already feel like it is a little overwhelming. But that is my tired thoughts speaking. I have done so well. I went out this afternoon with the some friends and there were nuts and home made fruitcake and I did not have any. I have done so well.

It is really about me being able to control my food and having enough time (or tricks) to prepare meals that fit within my program.

There is a new service that the NSW government is providing. It is a phone counselling service for health. It is a 6 month program where you get up to 10 calls to from your own health counsellor to motivate you, check on you, help you. It is not just the NSW Gov but the ACT Gov supports it as well and I just signed up. It is something that might help so I want to use it. I should get a call tomorrow.

I am making some iced tea for mum’s group tomorrow when we are going to the park. There is no sugar add to the tea and the tea itself has no sugar in it but there are apple and strawberry pieces so it is a little sweet. That is going to be my special drink tomorrow.

I need to work on my anchor. The place I want to go to is the memory of walking on the Yorkshire Dales. Or of getting to Hadrian’s wall. These are times where I really wanted something and it was challenging but I did it. And it was about me, about my self awareness that got me there. Both of them involved physical activity. I was strong, indpendent, active and succeeded at what I wanted. These are good things for my anchor. It also needs to be different to me self confidence/relax anchor.

Action items:
refine meal options list
find out about the nsw gov program DONE
work on anchor

First weigh in

Current weight: 140.9 kg (310 lbs)

This weeks goals are:
– stick to the plan
– exercise at least 4 days
– lose 2kg

I need to do other measurements this week as well. I am currently a size 24.

A new start

Pregnant then baby, put on heaps of weight. breast feeding helped for a while but then I started gaining again. Started feeling uncomfortable in my body.

Started thinking about how to go about losing weight. Some things I have learnt from before: I lose weight well on weightwatchers or csiro total well being diet. A little extra protein keeps me feeling fuller for longer. I don’t need to belong to a group but can manage it myself if I have a good tracking system in place. I need a time frame that I can grasp and a weight loss goal that I can grasp. I need to be obsessed about it. I need somewhere to journal what is happening as well.

Which is why I have come here. I want to journal the good things, do a weekly summary, catch interesting things I eat, be able to air frustrations, ideas and struggles.

My plan is a 40 week plan. I know what 40 weeks is like, it has a start and a stop and what I have lost in previous efforts was achieved in a similiar time frame but then I got lost. My 40 weeks starts Jan 3rd on a Monday. It will take me through to the first weekend in October. In 40 weeks I want to lose about 35kg. That puts me just above 100kg and is where I got caught last time. So I know I can get that far.

I am using the ww points system but tracking on my own with a cool app on my phone. But what it doesn’t do is allow me to make notes for different days. I want to do that. This is that this journal will do. My twist on the points system is that I have more protein than they would probably recommend so it is a like a cross between the csiro diet and ww.

Things I need to keep in my head:
– I don’t eat my little boy’s food. I just don’t. Not the crusts, not the tastes to see if it is cool enough. I just don’t.
– If I want a treat one is enough. I don’t need 2 biscuits or 2 chocolates or 2 of anything. I have been in the habit of having 2 of things and that has to stop.
– drink water, have some chewing gum on hand. Know what the next thing is going to be so that I don’t freak out. Have something on hand just in case I get caught out.
– need to fit in exercise.

There will be more things as I think of them.

I also want to try an anchoring technique that i learnt in training last year. If I can put in an anchor that takes me mentally to a place where I am determined and strong and successful I can use that when I feel weak or frustrated. I need to work out my image/scene to go to. The anchor word is ‘determined’ and the physical anchor is squeezing my right fist.

I was playing with the idea of turning my food issues into an ‘inner demon that I have to battle’ scenario but I don’t think it is that healthy. I think accepting that I have issues with emotional eating/boredom eating/social eating rather than turning it all into an inner demon is going to be better in the long run.

So, this is where I am. This is the plan and some of my big thoughts around it.